EduWrite: High-quality copy editing at an affordable price

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Dear Learner: We are delighted to announce the launch of EduWrite (, a one-stop platform for your copy editing needs. EduWrite provides high-quality copy editing services for res...


Next blog: Managing Doctoral Dissertation – Part III (Data analysis and Thesis Writing)

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Hello All: Sharing the next blog: Hope you will find this useful. best wishes Vishal


Why pursue adacemics?

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Hello all: Sharing a blog article I wrote recently: Some of you may find this interesting. Happy reading and good day! Best wishes V...


Upcoming workshops

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Hello everyone: Trust you all are doing well and keeping safe! We are happy to announce to the next two SkillsEdge workshops: 1. Workshop on 'Manuscript Writing and High-Quality Publishing...


Welcome and Introductions

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Hello everyone: Welcome to SkillsEdge community! We will use this forum to post our queries and interact with fellow research about various aspects of research. Signing up for this community ...